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Everybody who often flies has already experienced it: the flight was delayed. Sometimes, it is only half an hour, other times it can be hours. And in some cases, you can arrive extremely late to the final destination. Because of these problems, the European Union has prepared a regulation that protects people travelling with airlines. The airlines need to care about you and provide you assistance but in certain cases, when the arrival to your final destination exceeds 4 hours, you are entitled to a financial compensation up to EUR 600, depending on the distance and delay. All flights within the EU are covered and also flights departing from the EU. It is not easy to get it from the airlines, sometimes. We at Claimnow.eu have years of experience with claiming the flight compensations on behalf of our clients. And we will help you as well!


Most Frequent Flight Problems

Delayed Flight

If your flight was delayed by more than 3 hours (flight distance under 3500 kms) or more than 4 hours  (more than 3500 kms), you are entitled to a compensation up to 600 eur.


Cancelled Flight

The entitlement for compensation up to 600 EUR originated in case that the airline has not informed you about the flight cancellation at least 14 days upfront.

Re-routed Flight

If you got to your final destination with other airline or another flight number and the dealy was more than 3 hours, you might be entitled to compensation up to 600 EUR.


Economy instead of Business

If the airline was not able to allocate you a set in business or first class and you have purchased it, you can claim up to 70% of the original flight ticket price.

Boarding Denied

Sometimes, the airlines sell more flight tickets than the capacity of the aircraft (or they need to swap aircrafts etc.). If you are not allowed onboard, you can claim up to 600 EUR.

Lost or Damaged Luggage

If your luggage was lost or damaged, this problem needs to be addressed already at the airport. We will help you, however, be aware of the short 21-day period for claims.

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We help you claim your flight compensation

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Claiming Compensations

We help our clients claim compensations for problems with their flights. We know the current legislation and have years of experience to force the payment of compensation also in cases where individual passengers would fail.

Negotiation with Airlines

The majority of our cases is handled outside the court. At the beginning, things were different and the airlines were trying to avoid paying the compensations. However, with more years in business, they are aware of our power and try to make an agreement well before going to the court.

Legal Servicesy

Sometimes, a lawsuit is inevitable. In these cases, our lawyers take over the agenda. For you, our clients, there are no additional costs for processing the lawsuit. However, as claimed before, we do our best to get your financial compensation well ahead and avoid time consuming lawsuits.


We offer free consultation to all existing and prospective clients who experienced any flight problem and need to get advice. Talk to us already from the airport or send us a request afterwards – we will check your entitlement and help you claim your compensation.

Information Analytics

We have the overview of current legislation, best practices and cases. Our aim is to process them and inform you about the most important changes or cases that might be of your interest.

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